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Our Bikram Yoga classes are authentic 90 minute classes.  Open to all skill levels. Designed for beginners, and long term health and vitality for the seasoned practitioner.

Enjoy a great 55 minute theraputic x-train with our Inferno Pilates classes!  Joseph Pilates principals with High Intensity Interval Training, (low or no impact) all performed on your mat.

*Guided Meditation Classes - (75 minute 26 and 2 standing flow and full floor series with music for current members who have attended 50 - Bikram yoga classes at our BYL location)  

Memorial Weekend Schedule!

Friday, May 26 - 8 am Authentic Bikram & 10 am *Guided

Saturday, May 27 - 8 am Authentic Bikram & 10 am Authentic Bikram

Sunday, May 28 - 9:15 am Authentic Bikram & 4 pm *Guided

Monday, Memorial Day Class - 10 am Authentic Bikram


Regular Schedule

Monday - 9:15 am Bikram 4:30 pm Bikram 6:30 pm Bikram

Tuesday - (10:00 am Inferno Pilates)  4:30 pm Bikram  6:30 pm Bikram

Wednesday - 9:15 am Bikram  (4:30 pm Inferno Pilates)  6:30 pm Bikram

Thursday - 10:00 am Bikram  4:30 pm Bikram (6:30 pm Inferno Pilates)

Friday - 8:00 am Bikram (*10:00 am Guided 26) 6:00 pm Bikram

Saturday - 8:00 am Bikram 10:00 am Bikram  4:00 pm Bikram 

Sunday - 9:15 am, (2:00 pm Inferno Pilates) (*4:00 pm Guided 26)

Classes may be canceled due to inclement weather.





*To check out the latest schedule or holiday or weather cancellations - download our free apps form Itunes or Google Play for Androids.  Just look up "Bikram Yoga Louisville"